Papashake is:  Kobie Ali - Lead Vocals & Guitar / Jon Weed - Bass Guitar & Vocals / Rob Portillo - Lead Guitar & Vocals / Kenny Regiec - Drums


ABOUT:  Papashake is a 4 piece rock band that defies the typical labels in today’s genre-driven music and media world.  An eclectic melting pot of rock, funk, and blues, makes this band anything but run-of-the-mill.  Together this brotherhood of musicians, destroy the mold of the over-produced, “assembly line” songs that are being force fed to the masses these days, with a unique style that hearkens back to the days of record stores selling vinyl, and (real) radio station program directors savvy enough to put a finger print on breaking the “next big thing” .  Never satisfied with the status-quo, Papashake is constantly evolving; poised to please music lovers of all kinds with smart song writing and electric shows.  See what the people are saying below...

​Funky rock outfit Papashake hails from the land of politics and dirty lobbyists in Washington, DC. The band’s vocalist, Kobie Ali, reminds me a bit of the dude that sang in The Urge back in the day. His lyrics are bouncy, fun-loving, and light. But don’t think you’ll get away without dancing if you go see this band live; indeed this is one groovy funk rock band that can rock your socks off without leaving a stain on your trousers. You can hear some of the influences of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and G-Love in there but there’s elements of Motown and blues to give “Dirty Little Secrets” its own special sauce (sorry, bad G-Love pun I know). SMOTHER.NET

Another band that was featured in this magazine previously, is back with a strong new album. Washington, DC's Papashake has just released 'Dirty Little Secrets' on (the) Harmony Row Entertainment (label) and this album is full of the same big sound you come to expect from these masters of funk rock.  With the same line-up intact, Kobie Ali and company pick up right where they left off on the previous EP, "The Horse Is In The Pool". But while that short disc left you wanting more, this full length release satisfies your funkiest urges. From the first sing-along chorus 'Shake (wuchopapgavya)' the whole way through to the SLOW, semi-rap of 'Get Some', this disc is packed with great tunes.  Papashake knows that you don't mess with a good thing. The band proved it could play down and dirty funk rock with the best of them on their last EP and they haven't chaged a bit on "Dirty Little Secrets'"

Music Monthly

This quirky group has a sound you won’t be hearing on mainstream radio anytime soon, and that’s too bad. Their songs combine elements of George Clinton like funk with a little ska and some early 80’s style rap thrown in. Listening to the CD straight through is like hearing a soundtrack from an old Starsky & Hutch episode – so you have to be in th right mood. That said, there are some serious standout songs on this CD – “Shake (wuchopapagavya)”, “Suck U Under” and “Get Some” are songs that you will want to add to your iPod playlist.

Unsigned Music Magazine

The new Papashake CD Dirty Little Secrets (Harmony Row) has something for everyone – Rock, Rap, Funk, Groove…  this is solid.  I caught up with the band in Cleveland at the Hi-Fi Club, and after getting a double dose of ‘shake (listening to the record and seeing them live), I believe it is only a matter of time before Papashake hits it really big. Do not miss these guys when they come to your town!  New Music Report

”PAPASHAKE has been chosen (for the cd from) amongst the over 585 bands participating in the festival this year in the USA. We have chosen to use the track Funky Love Song...(the) song will be included on this (year’s) compilation along with several other bands selected from the USA. It will be re-mastered in Europe before being included on the compilation.”  Emergenza

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